Sunday, January 16, 2011

Airport run

Interesting plant in a garden at the Kula Lodge. I think they look like churros.

Saturday, Jan 15th
Long run!
10.6 miles around my local airport.
It was 1/3 covered with snow and ice so my time wasn't that good -> 1hr 36min which would lead to 9:36min/mile. I want to a min faster/mile, but I am happy with this, since it was my first run over 5miles in a few month.
It was also a new path, so I had to stop a few times at trail heads.

The mile markers were not that great, so my times are a little weird. The trail is part of bike trail from city A to city B (the city names actually start with an A and a B!)
~1.5 miles - 14:19
next time I saw a mile marker - 9:13
next mile - 11:39 - I don't think this one was correct
1.5 miles - 13:08
last mile - 8:49 - very happy with this.

The I was happy to finish this run and especially happy to have not fallen down! That was until the warm-down walk. I slipped and fell on hard on my rear on the ice into some snow. It was pretty pathetic. At that point I just wanted to lay in the snow indefinitely!

Mileage 1-9/1-16 = 5 + 5 + 4.5 +10.6 = 25.1

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