Friday, January 7, 2011

This weeks workout recap

Views from outside our condo in Maui!

Monday, Jan 3rd -
Boot Camp on my own (following what we do in Stephaine's Boot Camp)
2 min pushups - 32
5 min plank
8 x 4min of each exercies:
-Superman, get up fast, and squat jump (trying to touch the ceiling)
-James Bond alternating lundges
-Mountain Climber push-ups
-Over/under leg kicks
-Reverse Presentation (butt and feet on the floor, hands behind you on the floor. Keeping on foot on the floor, rise up so your body is flat with your head looking behind you. Come back in, just tapping your butt on the floor and then go back up. This works your hamstring on the leg that stays down as support - Weird but it works!)
-Squat jumps (trying to touch the ceiling)
-Standing leg kicks
-Army crawl pushups - one push-up with your left leg crunched toward your arm (right leg is the only one on the ground), keeping your hands and feet on the ground (butt off the ground) rotate 360deg, one push-up with your right leg crunched toward your arm. Repeat. This one takes about the length of a yoga mat and really works your wrists!

Finished the workout with some abs and stretching!

Tuesday, Jan 4th
Repeat 5ish mile run - 1st half split = 22:56, 2nd half split = 22:37, total time = 45:35! Pretty good.

Wednesday, Jan 5th
30min walk with Molly
Compact chain (From Stephaine's Boot Camp) with 10lb weights. 10 reps -> 1 rep.

-leaning forward row
-bicep curl
-alternating lunges
-triceps extension
-squat with shoulder press

During the lunges, I felt a twinge in my left lower back :(
Later that day, it really started to hurt. This has been a problem the pops up every 4months or so. I stretch it out and then forget about it. I need to change this.

Thursday, Jan 6th
Rest day

Friday, Jan 7th
Planning to do a long run ~7miles, but my back is really hurting me. I decided to skip the run, do some abs, good stretching, arm weights while lying on the ground, and taking Molly for an ~hr long walk. I am planning on doing the long run on Sunday....


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