Wednesday, January 19, 2011

G's email box

So I thought about starting a new theme - random emails from GAH's email box.

GAH has a straight forward email address (ex. bobsmith at gmail dot com) and about once a week the email address gets mixed up and it ends up in GAH's box. I think the best one so far was from a wife who was in the middle of a nasty divorce. She was pissed that her soon to be ex hadn't returned her emails...they never made it to the ex-husband! GAH is diplomatic and does let the sender know their error.

This is this weeks latest email... (names and addresses have been changed). It looks like girl A was trying to forward girl C's email to a friend.

"From: CK
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 12:20:39 +0000
To: AM

This is all very sad to me! I have chosen the bridesmaids and usherettes with the same amount of care and devotion and with real thought! I had special requests for YOU to be a magical part of the ceremony but to be honest I am so sad at all of this and for all the times in my life this is not the time for me to feel hurt and upset. You are with the family members A and I cant believe you would even question that!

We are grown woman and you had to have understood this was a decision I have had to put a lot of thought into You have upset me so much and I actually think you have been rather selfish - this is not even about my wedding or my day this is all about you not being a bridesmaid!

Why have you not bothered to pick up the phone to me since the engagement - not once since the 15th December have you called to say congrats (bar Xmas day when I called you) you have been in JHB I am sure?

You could have used your home phone or grans phone or something but you have not so much as called and I have not called you because I have not heard from you! You were so strange and badly behaved in xx on that holiday and I totally understand you have been going through the most difficult time in the last while and we have drifted A and we have very different lives in different places

BUT WE ARE FAMILY and the fact that you have kicked up such a stink when I have asked you lovingly to be a special part of the wedding - not even recognising that I want you there but focusing on what you are not instead of what you are!

You hardly gave me a chance to share and celebrate and plan with you and now I feel sick every time I think of this all. You have not asked once about the wedding, half the reason we moved the venue was because I knew you would DEFINITELY be able to be there and you have not made one comment about it - not even one nice or loving or joyous comment.

Every other girl called immediately and glowed about being a special part of the ceremony even if it was to just be there! Most of the girls being so understanding about the difficulty of having everyone you love in one place and to make them all feel special as they are!

I really thought I would have had that from you but instead you have worried about a title - there are readings and prayers and blessings and things that I want special people to do FAR more important that saying you are a bridesmaid and you didn't even give me a chance to be happy enough to talk to you about this

The real stab in the heart had to be the "Let me know the date and if I am around i will be there" this is my wedding day A !!!!!!!!!!! How could you even suggest the idea that you may not be there because you would be in xx or somewhere else/ my heart shattered

This is all so sad - just so sad and i don't know what to do I wanted my friends and family to be bridesmaids but I also did not want 8-10 of them so I created the family members as ushers - this makes you no less important!

I know you are hurt but this is a marriage between M and I and if you cannot empathise with the decisions we have made as a couple then i don't know what to say I am sorry this is an email and not over the phone but it is difficult to think about how I really feel and this is very emotional. I hope we can move on from this with no hard feelings and just be happy for each other

I love you


I am so glad I didn't have any bridesmaid drama! GAH's brother did want to be a musican at the ceremony, but he was the bestman and couldn't be at two places at once!



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