Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Artichoke, pretending she is a parrot!

My name is not standard. In fact if you google just my first name, you won't find many hits.
My parents got creative and named me after a Star Trek character. They made the spelling and pronunciation up! When GAH and I first started dating he would refer to me as The Girl because his friends could not get my name right!

So I believe that babies should have some what standard names with minimal spelling creativity. Chatey is not Katie!
I do believe that animals should have extremely creative names!
My parents first cat was Kitty. The first kittens we got were Misty (he was a boy) and Benny (he was supposed to be Jenny but my parents didn't like the idea of girl name for a boy cat! But they were okay with Misty!?!) Our second kitties were Hershey and Flower.
I love Cats and Gus, Theater Cat is my favorite.
"Gus is the Cat at the Theatre Door
His name as I ought to have told you before
Is really Asparagus, but that's such a fuss
To pronounce that we usually call him
Just Gus"

I named my first cat Asparagus! I thought it was fitting to name my girl tailless cat, Gus!

Fast forward 5 years and my research group's Scientist found out that their cat was having kittens. His wife played on my emotions and convinced me that Gussy needed a friend!
I picked the black kitty (she has a tall). Her name had been decided from a grocery store ad listing Asparagus and Artichokes on sale!
Asparagus (Gussy) and Artichoke (Arti or Chokie or Chokes) are my fur-babies.
If GAH lets me get another kitty, their name will be Apricot!


PS - GAH named his dog Molly - one of the top female dog names. B-O-R-I-N-G!!

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