Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Run

Getting ready to show off our shoes!My shoes were Kate Spade and the girls were in cranberry patent leather peep toes!

Today's goal was 10miles.
I meet up with Stephanie and another boot camp/running enthusiast for a very chilly (23-25F) run this morning.
Between the three of us we had two GPS watches, a Timex pace watch, and three different speeds. One GPS watch died :( at ~8miles.

Some of the splits -
2.25miles - 19:48
4 mile point - 36:19
Mile5 5 was a snowy run in the woods!
Miles 6 and 7 - 16:47 with mile 6 being 8:13min
Miles 8 and 9 - 16:46

Total mileage 10.2 in 1hr 26min
Last Saturday, I did 10.6 in 1hr 36min - so I am very happy with todays run!


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