Thursday, January 27, 2011

workout update

Turtles at Maui aquarium. I could have watched them for hrs... GAH, not so much!

Monday, Jan 24th -
Boot camp with Stephanie
34 push-ups in 2min
5min plank
10min of: 10 squat and press with 2x10lb weights, one burpee with a push-up
Repeat with two burpees and push-up, then three burpees...
I got all the way up to 8.
The rest of class was more weights, abs, and cardio.

Tuesday, Jan 25th -
Track workout
800 warm-up
3 x 2 x 1200 with 2min rest in between 1200s and 4 min rest between sets.
400 easy walk cool down.

I wanted to target 8:10min miles which would be ~2:03/400
My times -
1st: 6:08 (2:02.8, 2:02.6, 2:03)
2nd: 6:02.1 (1:58.4, 2:02, 2:01.7)
3rd: 5:50.4 (1:56.9, 1:57.8, 1:55.7)
4th: 5:45.2 (1:54.7, 1:56.2, 1:54.3)
5th: 5:45.3 (1:55.2, 1:55.8, 1:54.3)
6th: 5:44.3 (1:52.8, 1:56, 1:55.5)

I guess I need to warm-up more. Overall, happy with the workout.

Wednesday, Jan 26th - off and travel day. I do make a point of walking the airports and not taking the trains.

Thursday, Jan 27th - 40 min walk with G and Molly. Compact Chain with 10 lb weights finished with some ab work and stretching.

Tomorrow is the big 14miler!! I am going to do to 2 - 7 mile loops so I will have somewhere for a pit-stop. My longest run has been 13.1, so this should be fun and interesting.

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