Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Workout update

One of the many Maui beaches we visited.

East Maui Mountains

I mentioned before that my back has been hurting, so I took Friday off from running.
Saturday, Jan 8th
I got up at 6:30am to make pizza dough - my first attempt with yeast and making homemade pizza. It was a tasty and a big success! We took the pizza over to GH's brother's house - if you bring food you get to see and hold the newborn! It was a rectangular shaped pizza so the 2 1/2 year old nephew won't eat it because it didn't look like pizza! His loss:)
Anyway, back to workout....
After making the dough, I went back to bed for a few hrs - lower back still painful. On the second wake up, I did some ab work and stretching and took Molly for a 30min walk.
Later that night I did walk the US's busiest airport - I hardly ever take the train!

Sunday, Jan 9th
~5.5 mile run with my roomie on the walking trails near her place. It was extremely hilly and cold. Wind chill was 19F!!
It was good and I didn't have any pain.
I finished the run with some ab work.
Successful day!

Monday, Jan 10th
Boot camp with Stephanie! She definitely worked us into the ground. It was fun and gave me new ideas for exercises to try when I do boot camp on my own.

Active stretching/warm-up
2min pushups = 32
5 min plank

We did ~3min of each exercise using 10lb weights.
Altering lunges with bicep curls - all done slowly
10 legs kicks, roll over, 10 mountain climbers with your hips up high
Crunches with arms straight infront of you with your weights. Killer!
Army push-ups - lay flat on your stomach, pushup, right leg comes up quickly to your arm, drop down to your stomach, pause, pushup, left leg comes up quickly to your arm, drop down to your stomach, roll 360deg - repeat.
One arm triceps raises.
Squat jumps
Leg lifts - One foot flat on the floor, the other leg stretched straight out, pulsing up and down (do not raise it above your other knee)
Criss-cross abs
Superman abs
Stretching/cool down.

Tuesday, Jan 11th
5mile loop run near work in 42:30. My fastest is 41min, so pretty happy with it. It was also starting to rain/snow - part of the Eastern US storm. I was wearing a long sleeve dry fit shirt, a dry fit pullover, pullover fleece, running tights, waterproof workout pants, a beanie, and gloves. I don't get hot expect for my hands. I usually take the gloves off after the first mile and carry them with me. The best part was the bottom of my shirt was frozen when I got home!
I did some ab work when I got home.

Feel the burn!

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